Calibration Keeps Failing - What Should I Do?


Calibration failure is usually caused by a misaligned installation or a valve that is too stiff.  There are a number of steps you can take to loosen your valve:

Valve Controller Alignment

  • Make sure the Valve Controller is installed in the correct direction - see Figure 1. 
  • The metal "fork" should wrap around the valve handle - see Figure 1.   
  • Make sure the Valve Controller is seated properly on the valve.  The pipe should rest snugly against the upper surface of the two clamps, and both clamps should engage with the pipe similarly (i.e. one should not be higher or lower than the other.)
  • Make sure nothing physically obstructs the motion of the Valve Controller, such as other pipes or protrusions from the valve.



Figure 1

Valve Stiffness

  • Open and close the valve by hand multiple times to loosen any debris that has built up over time.
  • Apply lubricant to the valve
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