What insurance benefits do I receive on purchasing The Guardian Leak Prevention System?


You may be eligible for a rebate or discount on your home insurance policy for owning a Guardian Leak Prevention System. Please confirm with your insurance carrier before purchasing. Incentives vary by state.

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  • Call your insurance as it varies. Our NJM gave discount

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  • I have UPC home insurance via AllState agent here in Florida and they did not provide me with any discount. I think it depends who your provider is.

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  • You will never have a flooding in your home when going away. We are in NJ. Any time we go away in winter, water is off and we have peace of mind. I would call again and ask to speak to a supervisor.

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  • On Dec 1, 2019, I contacted my carrier, Amica. ROI at $29/yr is perhaps 10 years using simple math on JUST the insurance cost. (a survivor of multiple basement floods over 30 yrs, ROI is actually huge!) Here is a partial transcript:
    09:22:28 PM [Mariann R.] Thank you for choosing Amica for your auto, home, and umbrella needs since 2003. Have you already installed the water leak detector, or are you looking into it?
    09:22:46 PM [James Murdock] Looking into it
    09:23:11 PM [Mariann R.] Okay. Just a moment while I do some research into the Guardian Leak Prevention system. Do you know if it will automatically shut off the water if it detects a leak?
    09:23:57 PM [James Murdock] Yes, it does. https://www.getguardian.com/explore
    09:25:11 PM [Mariann R.] Thank you! If we were to add the discount to your policy effective 12:01 AM on 12/02/2019, you would see a prorated savings of $11. For a full year savings, you would see an estimated savings for $29.
    09:26:29 PM [James Murdock] OK, it's something but not terribly exciting. Is there a list of qualifying systems for leak prevention?
    09:27:38 PM [Mariann R.] I do not have a list, no. The only requirements we have to receive the discount is it needs close the master plumbing valve and has an alarm that lets you know when a leak has been detected.
    09:28:37 PM [James Murdock] OK, so I can choose it myself with these requirements and send a receipt to Amica to get the discount?
    09:29:09 PM [Mariann R.] We do not need the receipt, but you can certainly send it so we have it on file. Once it is installed, you can call us or chat in and we will be able to apply the discount.

    Along with reducing claim outlays overall, I would think Amica could recruit and retain customers by offering free supply to new DIY customers ($200 for professional install) with terms including: customer photos of appropriate installation and coverage; system is owned by the carrier who can take it back( or keep $100 customer escrow) if customer leaves, sells property, fails to install; carrier is allowed to collect the needed health telemetry (not habits) to assure the system is functioning (including a digital record that the customer is maintaining continuous internet connectivity, is replacing dead batteries, is doing semi-annual water tests / standby battery capacity / valve function tests, etc.). Those in arrears on connectivity or tests are ONLY nagged to fix them or else lose the discount and system (or deposit), but NOT denied claims (as that could lead to possible abusive claim denials).
    The piece of mind the homeowner is offered and the reduction in claims would seem a compelling reason to switch carriers in my mind.
    I'm not even covering other uses such as (alarm only yet very beneficial as-it-happens notifications of) sump pump failures, ground water intrusion and other non-insured events that the homeowner will benefit from by being informed when the flood first happens.

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