How to use the Guardian Migration Wizard


The Guardian Migration Wizard allows existing users to transfer their Guardian account from our legacy service to the new platform. The wizard only applies to customers using the legacy Guardian by Elexa app (icon is a large "G" on blue background) which is still available for download.

During the migration process, the following will be accomplished:

  • A new account will be created so you can login on the new app (see Android or iOS)
  • Your devices will be transferred and placed in a default Location
  • Your Valve Controller will be updated to the latest firmware
    • Your Leak Detectors will remain paired after the update

How do I access the wizard?

If you previously signed up for the open beta, a unique link to the wizard has already been sent to your account email – please check your inbox! The migration can be completed on any platform with access to a web browser.

If you expressed interest in the open beta and did not receive a link, please reach out to customer support.

Using the Guardian Migration Wizard

Before starting, be near your Valve Controller with access to the power plug and battery backup, if installed. The migration will require 5-10 minutes to complete.

When you are ready, open the link and enter the email address of your legacy Guardian account.


Next you will start the process of updating your Valve Controller firmware. Please adhere closely to all warnings and directions.


After completing the firmware update, the final step is to verify your data and choose a new password for your Guardian account.


Once submitting, you're all set with the migration and ready to download and login to the new app!


After logging in for the first time, you must reconfigure your Valve Controller's Wi-Fi just once so it can access your network again. For more information, visit the relevant help article for Android or iOS

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