Add a Valve Controller on Android


Adding a Valve Controller

Your devices are separated into Locations to help you keep organized.

  1. Tap on the Location where you would like to add your Valve Controller, or create a location if you haven't yet
  2. Tap the “Add Device” icon
  3. Enter Device PIN #
    • Check the yellow label located on the top of the Valve Controller. If the label is missing, check the silver sticker on the bottom of the Valve Controller and use the last four digits of the Device ID.
  4. Tap on the “Connect” button
    • If your device is running Android 10/Q or newer, a dialog will popup while searching for the device. Allow a few moments for your Device to show up, then tap the “Guardian-<PIN #>” network.
  5. Select your WiFi network from the list and and enter its password
    • Note that Guardian can only connect to a 2.4GHz network and that both fields are case sensitive.
  6. If prompted, update your Valve Controller's firmware to the latest version
    • The app will return to your Location page, and you can restart the Add Valve Controller process once the three LEDs near the power button on your Valve Controller return to a steady state.
    • Your Valve Controller may need up to three separate firmware updates
  7. Continuing after the update, wait 30-60 seconds while system configuration completes. 

Congratulations, you have setup your Valve Controller!

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