Open Beta: Known Issues


Hi, Open Beta testers!

Thank you so much for your help so far in testing the new Guardian by Elexa experience.

This article contains known issues that have been documented so far in the Open Beta. Each issue includes a brief description of the cause/symptoms, along with some possible quick fixes, and our plans for a long term solution.

You can check this article often as it will be continually updated.

Guardian Team

Known General Issues

  • Issue: False water detection by Valve Controller
    In rare cases, electrical noise on the internal ADC when no Remote Probe is installed may cause the Valve Controller to falsely detect a leak.
    • Quick fix: 
      • Install Remote Sensor probe
    • Long term solution: Upcoming firmware patch to modify ADC sensitivity. 
  • Issue: Devices disappear from Location
    Sometimes after deleting a Location, a user will observe that seemingly unrelated Devices such as their Valve Controller no longer appear in-app. When this occurs, the Device itself is observed to be still connected to the Internet and otherwise functional (open/close OK, reacts to leaks, etc), but is not controllable in-app.
    • Quick fix: 
      • Add your device(s) to the desired Location again (no reset is required)
    • Long term solution: This issue has been diagnosed and patched.
  • Issue: Valve Controller has difficulty maintaining Wi-Fi connection with mesh/multi-AP networks
    The Valve Controller may have difficulty maintaining a Wi-Fi connection when connecting to a network with multiple access points.
    • Quick fix: 
      • If possible, connect Valve Controller to single access point with unique SSID
    • Long term solution: Investigation of this issue is ongoing. If you have experienced this, please let us know! We would like to collect some useful information about your network setup such as router model, number of access points, etc.

Known iOS Issues

  • Issue: App is stuck on “Configuring Wi-Fi…” and Valve Controller has 1 solid light
    This can occur if the Valve Controller was given incorrect Wi-Fi credentials or it cannot otherwise locate the Wi-Fi network matching the one provided.
    • Quick fix: 
      • Confirm the spelling, capitalization, and special characters in both the Wi-Fi name/SSID and password
      • Must connect to a 2.4 GHz Network
    • Long term solution: The manual entry of Wi-Fi name/SSID will be replaced with a list of available networks that the Valve Controller can connect to. Manual password entry will still be required. 
  • Issue: App is stuck on “Configuring Wi-Fi…” and Valve Controller has 2 solid lights
    This can occur during Valve Controller setup if the connection between it and the user's phone is interrupted during communication. The observance of 2 solid lights, however, indicates that the Valve Controller has accepted the provided Wi-Fi credentials and successfully connected to the Internet.
    • Quick fix: 
      • Restart your app and confirm that the Valve Controller appears up in your Location
      • If Valve Controller does not appear, repeat the "Add a Device" process (no reset required)
    • Long term solution: Addressed in latest iOS app release (v0.9.18-beta 4/23/2020).
  • Issue: Magnified view in iOS hides certain interface items (ex: VC on/off slider)
    Certain interface elements may be pushed off of the visible canvas when the user's device has a larger default text display size set.
    • Quick fix:
      • Temporarily disable magnified view in iOS device settings
    • Long term solution: The UI will continue to be improved with each upcoming release throughout the Open Beta.
  • Issue: Device firmware version overflows UID in Device information screen
    The Device UID can be obscured when viewing Device details because of the long firmware version.
    • Quick fix: None
    • Long term solution: Resolved in upcoming app release.
  • Issue: App displays "0 Paired Devices" for Valve Controller
    This is an inaccurate UI element that does not reflect the actual number of Devices paired to the Valve Controller.
    • Quick fix: None
    • Long term solution: Resolved in upcoming app release.
  • Issue: Connection to Valve Controller is dropped before setup can complete
    Rarely, the user's device may automatically disconnect from the Valve Controller when "No internet access" is detected. "No internet access" is expected behavior and not concerning.
    • Quick fix:
      1. Forget “Guardian-XXXX” network in Wi-Fi settings 
      2. Retry Valve Controller setup in-app 
      3. Monitor notifications
        • If a dialog appears with the choice to use Wi-Fi or Cellular data, choose to keep using Wi-Fi
    • Long term solution: The Valve Controller setup process is being continually improved and validated on a multitude of devices.

Known Android Issues

  • Issue: App returns “Wi-Fi configuration failed.” when reconfiguring Wi-Fi
    When not caused by incorrect Wi-Fi credentials, this occurs almost immediately after the user's phone connects to the device. The configuration process has been observed to still complete successfully in the background after this message.
    • Quick fix: 
      • Retry adding Valve Controller process
    • Long term solution: Investigation of this issue is ongoing. If you have experienced this, please let us know! We would like to collect some useful information about your device such as model and OS version.


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