Leak detectors are not closing my valve



If your leak detectors are not closing your valve, please check for the following:


1) Do your leak detectors beep when you put water on them? If they do not, please email us at support@getguardian.com 


2) Is your Valve Controller added inside your location in the App? If not, please add it as follows:

Add a Valve Controller on Android

Add a Valve Controller on iOS

Please ensure your leak detectors are added inside the same location as the Valve Controller in the App


3) Press the grey button on your Valve Controller to close your valve. Once it finishes closing, please press the button again to open it. After that, please trigger a leak detector and see if it closes your valve now.


4) Bring your leak detectors next to your Valve Controller and then trigger a leak to see if that changes anything. If your leak detectors start working when you bring them close to the Valve Controller, it means the antenna on your Valve Controller is faulty and might need to be exchanged. Contact us at   support@getguardian.com if you are still unable to get your valve to close or need an exchange.




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