Valve Controller LED behavior



The Valve Controller has 3 LEDs on the top, near it's grey button. To view what each LED represents, please make sure you have removed the yellow sticker.


Power LED: The top most LED is the power LED. It will always remain solid ON if your Controller is plugged into an outlet or is running on battery back up.


Wi-Fi LED: The middle LED is the Wi-Fi LED. The Wi-Fi LED has two states:


2) Flashes

 State   Wi-Fi LED 
 ON  Wi-Fi credentials configured 
 OFF  Wi-Fi credentials not configured 


 Flashes   Wi-Fi LED 
 1 every 5 seconds    n/a 
 2 every 5 seconds    Valve Controller Access point is enabled 
 3 every 5 seconds    n/a 
 4 every 5 seconds    Valve Controller has no internet access or is disconnected from the router 


Connectivity LED:  The bottom LED is the connectivity LED. It will turn on only when there is any communication between the Leak detectors and the Valve Controller. For example, the connectivity LED will turn on momentarily when you move your Leak detectors or when you trigger a leak. 



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