How do I add my Valve Controller to the iOS Beta App



Please ensure you are next to your Valve Controller and can monitor the LEDs on top of your Valve Controller.

1. Please factory reset your Valve Controller before you begin.

To factory reset your Valve Controller, please press and hold the button on top of the Valve Controller until you hear a total of 5 beeps.  Each beep will be 2 seconds apart.

Once you let go of the button, your Controller's top LEDs will flash momentarily and then settle on 1 solid Power LED. Your WIFI LED may or not be on (refer to the article on Valve Controller LED behavior for more details.) 


2. After factory reset, please power cycle your Valve Controller –  To power cycle, please unplug and plug back in the Guardian's power supply, while the battery backup is removed (if you have one.)


3. Open the Guardian Beta app, please create a new account, and then log in.


4. Open your app, you will be prompted to add a new Location.  Enter the name of your location and then click "Add Location". Your devices (Valve Controller, Leak Detector) will be added inside Locations to help keep you organized.


5. After creating a new Location or navigating to a previously created location (by clicking on the ≡ icon on the top left-hand corner and selecting your desired location from the list), click on the "Devices" tab at the bottom of your app and then click on the "+" sign.


6. Click on "Valve Controller". Enter your Valve Controller's 4 digit PIN which can be found on the yellow sticker on your Controller. Enter a unique name for your Valve Controller and then press "Connect"


7. Follow along with the on-screen instructions. The App will ask you to select your Wi-Fi network name from a list and enter its password. Then, click on "Connect" to configure your Controller to your Wi-Fi.


8. The App will take a few minutes to complete Wi-Fi setup. Once done, it will upgrade the firmware on your Valve Controller. You will notice your Valve Controller beep and the lights on it flash. The App will notify you when the upgrade has been completed. Then, please click  "Ok"


9.  Now you have successfully added your Valve Controller to the App and can check its status under the "Devices" tab.


Please note that if the firmware upgrade is successful ie. you get a success message or the LEDs stop cascading (refer to the article on Valve Controller LED behavior for more details) but your Valve Controller does not show up under your Devices, then please factory reset your Valve Controller again and then power cycle it before you try steps 5-8 again. 

If the firmware upgrade fails to complete in step 8 i.e your app is stuck on the "Connecting Internet" screen, please back out of the app and repeat steps 5-8. 


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