How do I add my Leak Detectors to the Guardian Beta App



1. Navigate to the "Devices" tab at the bottom of your app and then click on the "+" sign.

2. Click on "Leak Detector".  Enter the 12 Digit Device ID found on the back of the Leak Detector or scan the QR code with your camera (Be sure to allow the Guardian App access to your camera for this) Then, enter a unique name for your Leak Detector and press "Start Pairing" or "Pair Sensor". Please note that you should name your leak detector properly so when a leak is detected you will know which room the leak was found in. You may have multiple bathrooms in that case enter a unique name for each bathroom, for instance, Bathroom Hallway, Bathroom Kids, etc.

3. The app will let you know once pairing is complete and you will be able to see your paired sensor under the "Devices" tab. Repeat the process to add additional Leak Detectors.

4.  Now you have successfully added your Valve Controller to the App and can check its status under the "Devices" tab.


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