Android users moving to the latest app from their existing app



Please ensure you are next to your Valve Controller and can monitor the LEDs on top of your Valve Controller


1. After you upgrade your existing app to the latest Guardian App, please log in to your account. 


2. Once you log in, the app will automatically begin to upgrade the firmware on your Valve Controller - your Valve Controller will beep and the LEDs on it will start to cascade. The firmware upgrade process may take up to 5 minutes. While the firmware on the Controller is updating, your app will say "Loading".


3. Once the firmware upgrade on your Valve Controller is complete, the app will and display your locations and devices.


4. Please click on the "Devices" tab and then on your Valve Controller. If its position is "Unknown" or says "Needs Repair", please click on "Attempt Repair". After this, please open and close your Valve Controller using the app to test it.


5. Please test your leak detectors one by one by putting some water on them. Please ensure your valve is in an open position before you test each leak detector.



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