Welcome to your new Guardian Leak Prevention System



Congratulations on your purchase of a Guardian Leak Prevention System! The Guardian System has a Valve Controller and Leak Detectors that work together to detect leaks and shut off your water automatically, preventing further damage. 


Step 1: Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for your system. You can read about minimum installation requirements here. 


Step 2: Unpack and install your system. Your system may contain the following items:

Valve Controller

Leak Detector

Remote Sensor Probe

Battery Back-Up

You can view installation instructions and information on how to use your devices here


Step 3: Download the Guardian app and set up your free account. The app allows you to monitor and remotely control your system. You can view instructions on how to download the app here.


Step 4: Pair your devices using our Guardian app. Once your devices are paired, you can view their status, open/close your valve, and view & receive system alerts on the app. You can find instructions on how to pair your devices to the app here.


Step 5: Enjoy peace of mind!
If you encounter any issues, please visit our Troubleshooting and FAQ sections here



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