My Wi-Fi information has changed. How do I configure my Valve Controller to my new Wi-Fi network?



1. If you need to configure your Valve Controller to your new Wi-Fi network, please select its Location from the side menu. Then, click on the "Devices" tab on the bottom bar of the app and click on your Valve Controller.


2.  Click on the edit icon or the triple dot menu (⋮) on the top right-hand corner.

3. Then under "Device Settings" > "Network", enter the network name and password for your new Wi-Fi network. Then, select "Send Wi-Fi Credentials".


4. Your phone may ask for permission to connect to the Valve Controller's internal hotspot "Guardian -XXXX". Please note that this hotspot does not have an internet connection (you cannot use it to browse the internet or control your Valve Controller. It is meant solely for the pairing process). Allow the phone to connect to "Guardian -XXXX".

5. Once your Wi-Fi information has been updated, the app will show a success message. 

You can watch videos on how to update your Valve Controller's Wi-Fi information by clicking on the below links:

How to Update Guardian Valve Controller Wifi Information (Android)
How to Update Guardian Valve Controller Wifi Information (iOS)

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