How to add your Valve Controller to the Guardian App


Before you begin, please ensure your Valve Controller is mounted on your valve. Instructions on how to install your Valve Controller on your plumbing can be found here. Also, please ensure you are next to your Valve Controller during the adding process. 

1. Once you open the Guardian app, please create a new account (if you are a first-time user) and then log in.


2. You will be prompted to add a new Location. To learn how to add a new Location, please read the article on 'How to Add a New Location" here.
Your devices (Valve Controller, Leak Detector) will be added inside Locations to help keep you organized. If you have previously created a Location, you may ignore this step. Once you add a Location, you will see it under the side menu. 


3. After creating a new Location or navigating to a previously created Location (by clicking on the ≡ icon on the top left-hand corner and selecting your desired location from the list), click on the "Devices" tab at the bottom of your app and then click on "Add Device".


4. Click on "Valve Controllers" or "GVC1". Enter a unique name for your Valve Controller and enter your Valve Controller's 4 digit PIN which can be found on the yellow sticker on your Controller. Then, press "Connect to Valve". At this point, your phone will ask you to connect to the Valve Controller's internal hotspot "Guardian -XXXX". Please note that this hotspot does not have an internet connection (you cannot use it to browse the internet or control your Valve Controller. It is meant solely for the pairing process). Allow the phone to connect to "Guardian -XXXX".


5. The app will then ask you to select your Wi-Fi network name from a list and enter its password. You may need to enter the name of your Wi-Fi network and its password if a list of available networks is not  displayed. Then, click on "Send Network Credentials" to configure your Controller to your Wi-Fi. Your phone will switch back to your Wi-Fi network at this step. 


6. The app will take a few minutes to complete the Wi-Fi setup. Once done, it will move on to the calibration process. During calibration, your valve will be automatically opened and closed - please follow the onscreen instructions and select the correct open/close state of your valve. 


7.  After calibration, your Valve Controller will be paired with your app and you will see a success message on your screen. Now you have successfully added your Valve Controller to the App and can check its status under the "Devices" tab.


You can watch videos on how to add your Valve Controller to the Guardian app by clicking on the below links:

How to Add a Guardian Valve Controller (Android)
How to Add a Guardian Valve Controller (iOS)

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