How to install your Remote Sensor Probes



For instructions on how to use your Remote Sensor probes, please click here.

To install the Remote Sensor Probe, insert the 3.5mm plug into the jack on the Leak Detector, and place the Probe where you would like to monitor for water. The Remote Sensor Probe can be used simultaneously with the Bottom Sensors and the Drip Sensor on the Leak Detector. The Remote Sensor Probe can also be plugged into the Valve Controller to monitor the area around your valve for leaks.


When plugged into the Valve Controller, the wet/dry status of the probe can be viewed by selecting your desired Location from the top left corner of the app. Then, click on "Devices" and select the Valve Controller to which the Remote Sensor Probe is plugged into. Once inside the Valve Controller page, you will see the status of the Probe displayed next to "Leak Detector". 




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