How to install your Valve Controller on your plumbing



The Valve Controller installs without any tools, making the physical installation process very simple. Follow the directions below to physically install the Valve Controller on your plumbing:

1. Close the valve.

valve closed (with arrow).svg

2. Align the fork with the valve handle.

Fork Alignment.PNG

3. Mount the Valve Controller.

mount the valve.svg

4. Push down the valve controller onto your valve. Tighten the clamps while holding the valve controller down.

Fork Alignment (1).PNG

5. Make sure that the valve controller is facing in the right direction.

Valve controller alignment.PNG

6. Check if the fork is aligned with the valve handle correctly

Fork allignment.PNG

7. Optional: Plug the remote sensor probe into the valve controller

Remote Sensor Probe Connection.PNG

8. Plug into a power outlet to power on.

Connect to Power Supply.PNG

9. Download the Guardian app. You can find links to download the Guardian app from the App Store (for iOS) /Play Store (for Android) here. 


10. You can find instructions on how to add your Valve Controller to the app here

11. You can find instructions on how to add your Leak Detectors to the app here


Please watch the video below to understand how to physically install your Guardian Valve Controller on your plumbing












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