Minimum Requirements to use the Guardian Leak Prevention System



1. To ensure that your Guardian Valve Controller can accurately open and close the valve it is installed on, it's important to verify the size and style of the valve. The Guardian Valve Controller will work with most metal quarter-turn Ball valves from 1/2" to 1 1/4".  

See the example valve below - A handle similar to this one is required for the Valve Controller to grasp the valve and turn it.  


The Guardian Valve Controller will not work with gate valves or T-handle valves. Examples of these incompatible valves have been provided below.


Gate valve



T-Handle Valve

T handle.png


2. It's also important to make sure that the ball valve you are using does not have any protrusions blocking the valve controller from correctly seating on the top of the valve. Below are examples of good and bad valves relative to the protrusion coming out of the valve.

mceclip0.png                                 mceclip1.png

          Good                                                                             Bad



3. Please ensure that the valve controller is able to fit in the desired installation location by referencing the physical specifications below. 








4. Both inlet and outlet pipes from the valve need to have the same diameter----In order for the Controller to align with the nut in the center, the claws have to both attach such that the axis of the pipe intersects the axis of the valve’s nut. When pipes on both sides of the valve have the same diameter, this is easily accomplished. However, if both sides have a different diameter, or if both clamps are resting unequally then, the Valve Controller will not be aligned properly. Our clamps each have 2 jaws and only one of them can move on each side. The movable jaw for each clamp is flipped. As the jaws move in and out, the Controller rotates slightly about the nut’s axis. If each side is the same diameter, the offsets from each jaw cancel out


5) After verifying that the Guardian Valve Controller is compatible with the piping and valve itself, it's important to make sure that the iOS or Android device that will be controlling the valve controller is compatible with our Guardian app.

iOS: The earliest version of iOS that is compatible is 13, any older versions of iOS will not allow your device to function correctly through the app.

To verify that your iOS device is compatible, make sure you've downloaded any iOS updates available and select Settings>General>About, and make sure the software version shows 13.0.0 or higher. 

Android: The earliest version of Android OS supported is 6, any older version of Android will not allow your device to function correctly through the app.

To verify that your Android device is compatible, make sure you've downloaded any available Android OS updates and then select settings and search "Android version". Make sure that the software version shows 6 or higher.


5. Guardian Valve Controllers require an active internet connection transmitted over a 2.4 GHz band for installation and remote monitoring. Although many modern routers do transmit both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, your valve controller will only pick up the appropriate 2.4 GHz band channels when you view available connections through our Guardian app.


6. The Guardian Valve Controller is only compatible with Guardian Leak Detectors. 


7. The Guardian platform is currently supported in the US and Canada. 



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