Wi-Fi Connection Issues After Installation


If your Guardian Valve controller is running 3.3.x firmware version and you have a Motorola Wi-Fi Router/Modem from your internet service provider you may experience occasional connectivity issues. To fix this, go to Devices > Valve Controller > Settings > Firmware and perform a Repeat Firmware update.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you need any help with this process or have additional questions please contact our Support Team

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  • Can't get either Android phone or IPAD to connect to Guardian Valve it just says "Please connect to a 'Guardian-XXXX' Wi-Fi hotspot. When I click let's go tab it brings up my phones setting with list of My connected Network and others and the wheel spins and spins nothing more.

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  • I have similar issue with my guardian valve, can't connect to Wi-Fi and I get exact same message as Roger mentioned above. I'm running 2.5 version and can't get to connect to my Wi-Fi network as the system connects to the valve's own hot-spot it created. So frustrated with this system. Looks like its going back if support does not respond back soon.

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