Will Guardian send a text notification to my phone when a leak occurs?/ Customer notification/alert


Guardian Leak Prevention system is designed to work with the app called 'Guardian By Elexa' and is capable of alerting a user via push notifications.

The push notifications will direct you to the home page of the app which tells you where a leak has been detected in your home based on position of the leak detectors. It will not send you a text notification or email.

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  • Is it possible to install the 'Guardian By Elexa' app on MORE THAN ONE PHONE in the household, so that more than one individual can be alerted and/or take action?

    In my particular case, it's currently installed on an Android device, and I'd like to make the iPhones (IOS devices) belonging to spouse and son able to receive alerts and control the valve controller, too. If only receiving alerts is possible, that's fine as well. I'm thinking of times when I'm out of town and one of them is present in or closer to the installation.

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  • Nearly a week and no response to my comment? Really need to know how to accomplish this without confusing the valve controller and being able to manage it from the current Android app installation.

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  • Originally posted my query February 19th. Now it's March 10th and there still has been no response. This is something IMPORTANT TO KNOW. Please respond.

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